Our clients satisfaction and improvement is very important to us.  You are not just receiving a massage with us, you are becoming part of the Merakai family, and we aim to always treat you as such.

Being prepared

If you have a particular medical condition we would like to know in advance of your appointment so we can ensure you receive the best treatment from us, whether that be a different table setup or require us to research your condition prior to your treatment.

When you book your appointment via phone, online or email just a few words describing your condition, or the condition name will help us prepare for you.

Client Intake Form

When you arrive you will be required to fill in our client history form.  This is a private document between you and Merakai Therapies.  We need to understand all your current and past history so we can ensure we provide you with the best treatment option.

Initial appointment

Your initial appointment will take a little longer as we like to ensure we have adequate time to discuss your history, assess your current condition and discuss treatment options with you so you know exactly what we will be working towards during your treatment(s). 

We recommend when booking your initial appointment, you leave adequate time in your schedule longer than the treatment time with you.  As a general guide, allow an additional 15min for your appointment so you can enjoy your full treatment experience and not feel rushed.

Appointment duration

We offer complete treatments to help improve your condition, not just a massage.  You will always receive your booked appointment massage duration (often times a little more).   We prefer to be thorough in our treatments, and if that means we need a few minutes longer than your booked time consider that a freebie, and our investment in helping you.

We allow enough time for consultation at each appointment so we can check in with where your body is at and discuss any new conditions to be considered during the treatment.  This is very important for our pregnant clients whose bodies are changing week by week.

Follow up

After your initial appointment, we will follow up with a call (or text) a few days later to touch base and see how you felt after your appointment.

Your other health care providers

If you are seeing another health care provider for a particular condition or ailment, and we believe it in the best interest for your full recovery, with your permission we will try to connect with them to work together for you.  As massage therapist, we cannot diagnose your condition and will always take guidance from your medical specialist.

Improving your health is like pieces of a puzzle fitting together, different treatment options fit together to help your recovery.  When working together with your other health care providers we are providing you with the best treatment.

Referral discounts

We love our clients referring us to their family, friends and colleagues.  You will receive a $10 discount off your next treatment for each referral.  Just ask them to mention your name when they come for their appointment.

Loyalty discounts

You will receive 5% off your fifth treatment.  We keep track of this for you and will let you know when you come for your treatment you have a discount waiting to use.