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Pregnancy, birth and postnatal treatments


Pregnancy, birth and postnatal treatments

Welcoming your new baby into our world is a wonderful journey. It can also be a challenging time for women as many changes occur within their body to support their growing baby.

To help you on your parenting journey, we offer the following specialist pregnancy massage therapies:

These pregnancy massage treatments are specifically designed to help you adjust to the physiological and emotional changes throughout pregnancy with more comfort and ease, as well as help prepare you for labour and the recovery from childbirth.

Our specialist NurtureLife® training through Pregnancy Massage Australia and experience means we can truly focus on the particular needs of a mother-to-be to help alleviate the common pregnancy complaints, support the physical and emotional needs of the pregnant mum, relax the body, and provide a supportive environment to create the beautiful connection between a mother and her baby.  

If you are expecting and are interested in any of our pregnancy massage services or would like more information please scroll down for specific information or contact us.




Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage


Welcoming your new baby into our world is an exciting and wonderful journey.  

It is truly amazing how the body of a woman changes to support her growing baby. Having regular massage can help your body adjust to these changes with more comfort and ease.  

In addition to our remedial training, we have undertaken specialised training in pregnancy massage with Pregnancy Massage Australia®.  As a NurutreLife® practitioner we have a variety of techniques specifically designed to support the physiological, structural and emotional needs of the mother and her baby. 

Our massage techniques include a variety of gentle, passive, active and gentle resisted movements that can help to alleviate or reduce the tension most commonly felt in the neck, back, hips and pelvis. 

Pregnancy massage has many benefits to the mother and her baby, including:

  • Soothing and relaxing nervous tension and anxiety
  • Aiding circulation
  • Assisting with increased fluid retention
  • Alleviating common muscular discomforts caused by muscular changes and tension such as lower back pain, hip pain, upper back neck and shoulder pain:
  • Most importantly massage offers a mother-to-be the time to embrace her pregnancy, rest, relax and recharge her body.

You can safely have a massage throughout your entire pregnancy, including from trimester one.  The first trimester has numerous physiological changes occurring, and providing this nurturing massage support during this time can assist your body with these changes.

For more information on NurtureLife®, please refer to the section 'What is NurtureLife®?'

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Labour preparation massage

Labour preparation massage

Preparing your body and mind for labour to feel confident and relaxed during you labour is so very important.

Our NurtureLife Pregnancy massage treatments support and nurture you throughout your pregnancy.

From 38 weeks we now include techniques and acupressure points to your pregnancy massage to help prepare you and your body for labour. We show you how to incorporate these acupressure points at home in the lead up to your labour, during your labour and birth. We use our Pregnancy Massage Australia labour blend essential oil mix to provide further support and nurturing to your body.

90min allows us enough to time incorporate the additional techniques and acupressure points to our existing 75min pregnancy massage. We tailor massages to meet your individual needs, and will discuss this treatment with you during the consultation.

Please note: this is not a labour induction massage, there is no guarantee this treatment will induce labour. Our aim to relax your body, prepare you for labour and assist the natural process of your body when it is ready for labour to start.

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Labour Support partner massage Training

Labour Support partner massage Training


Welcoming your child into the world is a beautiful bonding experience for parents to be.

With our labour support massage service we can help you and your partner prepare for labour and teach you techniques to help you manage your labour.

Massage for labour is about working closely with you to find positions that can help be comfortable during labour, and teach you and your partner techniques that can be used to help reduce discomfort and maintain relaxation and focus during your labour.  

In addition, we can also work with you to create a ‘birth nest’, that is, a birthing environment where you feel comfortable and relaxed during your labour.  This service can be provided in the comfort of your own home or at our clinic. 


We tailor our labour support training for you.   

Our individualised training starts from $180 (90min).  

Please complete the form, we will contact you to discuss how we we can best tailor a package to suit you.

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Your Partner

Your Partner


Just as pregnancy is a wonderful journey shared by you and your partner – so can the benefits of massage.  

At Merakai Massage, partners can choose from a range of the following traditional body massages to help them also relax, rebalance and restore their body:

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Postnatal massage

Postnatal massage


 Your pregnancy massage can also continue into what we call trimester 4 - that wonderful period of time after you have welcomed your baby.  To help support your body’s recovery from pregnancy and labour, we offer postnatal massage.

Postnatal massage can support the post-partum recovery by assisting to:

  • Allow the mother to rest, and recharge after what may have been an exhausting labour
  • Help the muscular changes that have occurred to welcome the baby
  • Emotional adjustment of becoming a new mum
  • Rebalance postural changes from pregnancy and holding her new baby
  • Reduce pain felt commonly in the lower back, hips, around the shoulders and neck
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Balance your hormones.

We would love to meet your new baby, so please feel free to bring your newborn with you to your treatment.  We allow extra time for your postnatal massage so you can fully relax and enjoy this treatment, as well as time to talk about your journey, and embrace the role of being a mum.

The best time to come for your postnatal massage is as soon as you can after your natural delivery.  If you have had medical intervention with your labour and delivery, please contact us to discuss the best time you can come for a treatment.


What is NurtureLife®?

What is NurtureLife®?

Enhance your wellbeing with a pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage is a perfect way to reduce stress and promote general well-being during pregnancy. NurtureLife® Pregnancy Massage Practitioners are highly skilled therapists in pregnancy massage, guided by Catherine McInerney, Australia’s leading expert and educator in pregnancy massage, and founder of Pregnancy Massage Australia® Assistance and education is also offered to partners so that they may provide positive support during labour. 


What is NurtureLife ®

NurtureLife® is a holistic perinatal massage therapy method developed by Pregnancy Massage Australia® that supports women who are nurturing new life. NurtureLife® was born from a desire to share our specialist knowledge and natural support techniques with women on their journey through pregnancy and beyond. Certified NurtureLife® practitioners deliver specialised massage treatment that focuses on nurturing both mother and baby. When looking for a pregnancy massage specialist look for a NurtureLife® practitioner and you will be in the best hands. 

The NurtureLife® massage experience has a natural, comprehensive approach to perinatal care, offering a broad range of support with a unique focus on massage. 


What are the benefits of NurtureLife®

Pregnancy is a constant state of change; a NurtureLife® pregnancy massage specialist offers wonderful support through the perinatal period. The body undergoes many changes and the discomforts of pregnancy can be relieved. At NurtureLife® we believe a well-supported mum will have a wonderful journey into motherhood. Regular NurtureLife® pregnancy massage helps to support the many changes occurring from week to week, allowing the body to adapt through the pregnancy. We focus on the mother baby connection creating a warm, safe, secure nurturing environment where mum can rest relax and recharge. The NurtureLife® experience assists in relieving many of the common causes of discomfort during pregnancy.

Some examples include:

  • Insomnia is eased through improved sleep patterns
  • A greater sense of relaxation helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels
  • Specialised massage techniques are delivered for pain management, addressing groin pain referred from the uterus, lumbar, back, pelvic, hip pain, and rib pain common in the third trimester
  • Shoulder and neck massage helps to relieve tension, and is also beneficial while in the breastfeeding position
  • Hormonal headaches are reduced
  • Oedema, swelling and discomfort in the legs and arms is eased, which reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Leg cramps are minimised due to improved circulation
  • Focus on mother baby connection
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Promotes a sense of relaxation
  • Assists in maintaining muscular tone
  • Gentle exercise including pelvic floor 


NurtureLife® for postnatal care 

The early postnatal weeks are the time for your body to readjust and recover from the birth and pregnancy.

The joy of adapting to new motherhood can also be exhausting, as the body is undergoing many changes. At NurtureLife® we aim to enhance the mother’s physical and emotional wellbeing during this time through a variety of methods, again with massage as the central focus. We consider the body spent 9 months creating a new life and overnight we are presented with a new baby. This is the optimum time when the body requires support to adjust and unwind the 9 months of pregnancy. NurtureLife® for the postnatal period is a wonderful time to recharge readjust the mind and body to motherhood. New mums need time to relax and reduce any pain or discomforts onset in pregnancy or labour; what better way to achieve this than with a nurturing massage. 

Massage promotes:

  • Greater vitality and less fatigue for mothers
  • Helps soothe nervous tension resulting in improved sleep
  • Reduces baby blues and the sense of anxiety and stress
  • Regains strength and ease muscle tension
  • Relieves the breast feeding posture, relax neck and shoulders Reduces swelling
  • Strengthens and tones abdominal muscles