Welcoming your new baby into our world is an exciting and wonderful journey.  

It is truly amazing how the body of a woman changes to support her growing baby. Having regular massage can help your body adjust to these changes with more comfort and ease.  

In addition to our remedial training, we have undertaken specialised training in pregnancy massage with Pregnancy Massage Australia®.  As a NurutreLife® practitioner we have a variety of techniques specifically designed to support the physiological, structural and emotional needs of the mother and her baby. 

Our massage techniques include a variety of gentle, passive, active and gentle resisted movements that can help to alleviate or reduce the tension most commonly felt in the neck, back, hips and pelvis. 

Pregnancy massage has many benefits to the mother and her baby, including:

  • Soothing and relaxing nervous tension and anxiety
  • Aiding circulation
  • Assisting with increased fluid retention
  • Alleviating common muscular discomforts caused by muscular changes and tension such as lower back pain, hip pain, upper back neck and shoulder pain:
  • Most importantly massage offers a mother-to-be the time to embrace her pregnancy, rest, relax and recharge her body.

You can safely have a massage throughout your entire pregnancy, including from trimester one.  The first trimester has numerous physiological changes occurring, and providing this nurturing massage support during this time can assist your body with these changes.

For more information on NurtureLife®, please refer to the section 'What is NurtureLife®?'