Welcoming your new baby into our world is a wonderful journey. It can also be a challenging time for women as many changes occur within their body to support their growing baby.

To help you on your parenting journey, we offer the following specialist pregnancy massage therapies:

These pregnancy massage treatments are specifically designed to help you adjust to the physiological and emotional changes throughout pregnancy with more comfort and ease, as well as help prepare you for labour and the recovery from childbirth.

Our specialist NurtureLife® training through Pregnancy Massage Australia and experience means we can truly focus on the particular needs of a mother-to-be to help alleviate the common pregnancy complaints, support the physical and emotional needs of the pregnant mum, relax the body, and provide a supportive environment to create the beautiful connection between a mother and her baby.  

If you are expecting and are interested in any of our pregnancy massage services or would like more information please scroll down for specific information or contact us.