The Pre-pregnancy and fertility support massages are for clients who are preparing to conceive, or are actively trying to fall pregnant through natural or assisted fertility. 

Our combination of Diploma of Remedial Massage, Pregnancy Massage Australia, and Fertility Massage Therapy training provide a safe, nurturing, non-invasive and deeply relaxing treatment to support your pre-pregnancy journey.

Our treatments are tailored for you, the stage of your menstrual cycle, and your pre-pregnancy cycle.  Remedial massage techniques focus on the areas of the body presenting strain and/or discomfort, whilst incorporating a nurturing sacral and abdominal massage that is gentle, nurturing, non-invasive and deeply relaxing to help you reconnect with your abdomen area, improve your well-being and assist with reducing stress and congestion commonly held in this area by women on their pre-pregnancy journey.


Natural Fertility Support

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IVF Support

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** Qualifications:  
Pregnancy Massage Australia NurtureLife® Practitioner 2016
Fertility Massage Therapy Practitioner 2017
**  Massage is a supportive, complementary treatment that is a part of an overall health care plan with other allied health and medical services to assist your journey to pregnancy.  There is no pregnancy guarantee from receiving massage during this pre-pregnancy and fertility period.