Your pregnancy massage can also continue into what we call trimester 4 - that wonderful period of time after you have welcomed your baby.  To help support your body’s recovery from pregnancy and labour, we offer postnatal massage.

Postnatal massage can support the post-partum recovery by assisting to:

  • Allow the mother to rest, and recharge after what may have been an exhausting labour
  • Help the muscular changes that have occurred to welcome the baby
  • Emotional adjustment of becoming a new mum
  • Rebalance postural changes from pregnancy and holding her new baby
  • Reduce pain felt commonly in the lower back, hips, around the shoulders and neck
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Balance your hormones.

We would love to meet your new baby, so please feel free to bring your newborn with you to your treatment.  We allow extra time for your postnatal massage so you can fully relax and enjoy this treatment, as well as time to talk about your journey, and embrace the role of being a mum.

The best time to come for your postnatal massage is as soon as you can after your natural delivery.  If you have had medical intervention with your labour and delivery, please contact us to discuss the best time you can come for a treatment.