Jodie Isles  Founder, Merakai Therapies

Jodie Isles
Founder, Merakai Therapies

 Angie Haswell  Remedial Massage Therapist

Angie Haswell

Remedial Massage Therapist

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Jodie Isles
Merakai Therapies

My passion is nurturing people through their life journey, by using my various massage training and intuitive feel of a person’s energy and body, to help balance them.   

My Journey 

I began Merakai Massage as a result of my long-time interest in using massage to help heal the body, as well as my own difficult journey to parenthood.

My career began in corporate accounting. While I loved the work I was doing, I always felt stressed. My plate was always overflowing with tasks to be completed – with no time to stop and celebrate what I had achieved. In the corporate world, there was always that sense of stress, with people working long hours to achieve their next goal or meeting demands to finish that next project. There was no time to stop, reflect and enjoy what you were doing or achieving in your work.

My husband and I were both working corporate jobs when we wanted to start a family. What we couldn’t see, was how to achieve balance in our family life with both of us working demanding jobs.  

It was around this time that my long-time interest in healing the body through massage increased and I started thinking about a more fulfilling career change.

We were living overseas where I discovered the effect of massage to help balance the body. I had done an introductory workshop and was regularly asked by friends and family to massage their stressed shoulders, which provided them welcomed relief and relaxation. It was when my husband injured his shoulder that I experienced the connection between massage and healing. My husband was seeking professional help to heal his shoulder, but it didn’t seem to be helping. When I started to apply massage to help provide some relief he mentioned the pain and discomfort he was feeling was greatly reduced. So I continued to apply massage and after a few massage sessions we found that the pain and discomfort in his shoulder was gone. 

On our return to Australia I continued on my path with corporate accounting, but after a few months I realised that I couldn’t continue in this career.  So  I contemplated taking up study in either physiotherapy or massage therapy. Finally, I decided on, and chose massage therapy as a starting point.  Once I started to learning about the massage theory, skills and techniques, and apply these to friends and family,  I was hooked.  

Since then I have found nurturing another person through their life journey is so rewarding. To apply my study, together with my intuitive feel of a person’s state, and restore them to a state of balance is a fulfilling vocation for me.  At the end of a day of  massaging clients, I finish  with a sense of calmness, balance, and achievement that I have helped someone.

By creating Merakai Massage, I can give something back to my clients, with passion, attention and nurturing care. I love applying remedial, deep tissuerelaxation and speciality pregnancy massage treatments. I have a great sense of achievement when I can help clients and they leave feeling restored with and ready to take on life again. 


My journey to parenthood

My interest in pregnancy came about because of our personal journey.  I loved being pregnant, feeling our children growing, kicking and moving was a beautiful bonding experience.  However, it was not without a difficult journey to have our three beautiful children.  

We became pregnant with our first child quite quickly. This was a surprise because I have a background heavy in sport and didn’t have regular menstrual cycles, so  I wasn’t sure if  we could have a child easily.   

Our desire to have a second child was met with what felt like a harsh reality.  We struggled to conceive naturally, so after 12 months of trying we considered other options.  After undertaking various medical procedures and tests we received the all clear that there was no reason why we couldn’t conceive, so we tried clomid to help give my body a boost.  This was successful and I fell pregnant on our second month after starting the medication.  

However, at our 10 weeks scan our pregnancy was found to be not viable – we were heartbroken and devastated.  I had reached a point where I couldn’t stand the process anymore or the emotion – the unknown of what was happening inside my body, together with anger, uncertainty, feeling like a failure and intense sadness of wanting a child so desperately yet not knowing why.

IVF was our next step, and the wonderful team at Queensland Fertiflity Group were there to help.  It was about two years since we first started trying for our second baby.  Again, we were told there shouldn’t be any reason why it wouldn’t happen quickly.  'Secondary infertility' was mentioned, and we tried a few cycles of IUI, which were unsuccessful.  

Our venture down the IVF path was exhausting, emotional and we were grieving for what we wanted so desperately but couldn’t create.  

I remember feeling lost, and needing comfort but not sure where to go, or what to do. I remember needing that sense of touch that was reassuring, calming and nurturing.  And needing somewhere,  where I didn’t have to tell my story to someone new each time, where I didn’t have to talk about what was going on inside me.  I didn’t want people to look at me with pity, or not know what to say for fear of saying the wrong thing. I didn’t want to become angry because I felt they didn’t understand what I was going through.  

Eventually, after our third cycle and months of daily injections and anxiety, we were incredibly fortunate to have a successful IVF course – our beautiful daughter was born.  Our second born is our miracle child, who we thought we would never meet. We are  so incredibly lucky to have her in our lives.  

What was even more surprising was the arrival our third bundle of joy!  After so much anguish and heartache to welcome our second child, our cheeky number three was conceived unexpectedly.  

Now, my family is complete - with husband, three children and a dog!  I know after going through my pregnancy journey, how blessed we are to have our three children.

After what felt like a long journey for us to complete our family, the idea to provide a comforting place where women and their partners could come to relax, feel nurtured, and recharge took seed. In time, Merakai Massage was established to offer both traditional remedial massage and specialist pregnancy massage therapies.

Because of my experience, I have a special place in my heart for massage for pregnancy. To apply massage that also nurtures women, and their partners, going through their own journey to parenthood is a blessing. I understand the anxiety that pregnancy can bring, the aches and pains, as well as the joy – as I have experienced those feelings and more. My journey enables me to better understand and help other women on their own journey to parenthood – and provide massage treatments that not only offer specialist techniques, but are applied with empathy and care.

In addition to my Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy, I am a registered NurtureLife® Practitioner – with training and accreditation received through Pregnancy Massage Australia.

If you would more information, I am happy to chat with you anytime about the benefits of massage and how we can help you throughout your pregnancy. Please contact me, or continue to browse our site.

In the meantime, whatever your reason for needing relaxation, restoration or some nurturing, you are welcome at Merakai Massage.

I look forward to helping you.

Thank you and best wishes.

Jodie Isles

Founder, Merakai Massage Therapies