Postnatal Massage

Just had a baby, or about to have a baby, and wondering when you can come for a massage? 

Breastfeeding with sore heavy breasts and wondering how we can massage you comfortably? 

Want to return to lying face down for a massage but not sure how comfortable it will be?

Let us answer your questions.



Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby, an exciting time for you.  Receiving regular massage, or what I call “maintenance massages”, is ideal for ensuring your body is performing at its optimum best.  

Your body has gone through 9-months of tremendous change during your pregnancy and labour.  Receiving postnatal treatments will assist to recharge you and reconnect with your body.  It will also assist your body to return to its pre-pregnancy state, and support you on the new mum phase with the new strains placed on your body during breastfeeding, nursing, and holding.


What are the benefits of postnatal massage?

Our NurtureLife® postnatal treatments can assist to:

  • Recharge your body
  • Improve your feelings of exhaustion and fatigue
  • Rebalance hormonal changes
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Relieve tension created through feeding posture changes, relaxing the neck and shoulders
  • Help soothe nervous tension
  • Improve sleep
  • Support your recovery with ligament and joint strain
  • Support your uterus returning to pre-pregnancy position
  • Support your recovery from a caesarean, and reducing scar tissue
  • Support the abdominal changes and reconnect to the abdomen
  • Support abdominal muscles and tone


How soon after I give birth can I come for a massage?

How you deliver your baby, what happened during your delivery and your initial recovery will guide our treatment plans.  Please check with your obstetrician or midwife if you are 6 weeks or less before booking in, we are guided by their expert opinion on the optimal time to treat you.  If you are concerned please contact us to discuss the right time to book in for a treatment.

We incorporate specific techniques depending on your postnatal time, some we can include initially whilst other techniques may be included at later treatments.

As a general guide, with your obstetrician or midwife approval:

  • Vaginal delivery with no medical intervention – 24 hours after delivery
  • Vaginal delivery with medical intervention – written medical approval for early postnatal treatment
  • Caesarean – this will depend on your recovery and obstetrician advice.  With written medical clearance, we can start treating 5 days after your delivery.

I have had a caesarean, when can I book?

We are guided by your obstetrician for when you can return to receiving massages.  With written medical clearance, we can start treating you 5 days after your surgery.  As your post-surgery time increases we incorporate new techniques to support your abdomen returning to its pre-pregnancy state, and assist with your scar tissue recovery.

Can I bring my newborn with me?

We love cuddles, and meeting your new little one.  Whilst we don’t have babysitting available in the clinic your newborn is welcome to come along as they will sleep peacefully in their capsule whilst you enjoy your treatment.   

How long will my treatment take?

We leave enough time between our treatment bookings so you never need to feel rushed to start your treatment. 

Our pre-treatment discussion is very important.  We book more than enough time to have a discussion about your labour, and how your feeling whilst ensuring you receive your full treatment time, often a little more.

Let us know when you are booking your appointment if you are bringing your newborn with you, we will ensure we leave adequate time for your appointment to assist in settling you into the room.

Help me book the right time of the day?

It can be a challenge finding the optimum time of the day to book your treatment.  Tips to think about when booking your treatment:

If breastfeeding, book your treatment for a time when you have just finished feeding.  This will ensure you are most comfortable, not worrying about having to rush off to feed, and means we are able to assist with reducing postural tension better.

Feeding your little one just before a massage also means your baby will enjoy the post feed sleep whilst you enjoy relaxing during your massage without worrying if he/she will wake.

Try to plan for a little extra time after your massage to relax, unwind and enjoy the continued benefits.

How can I lie comfortably during the massage?

If you have experienced our Pregnancy massage, you will know that as a NurtureLife® practitioner we are very particular with how we set our table up for you, to assist in alleviating your discomforts whilst we apply specific techniques for your areas of concern.

We will continue our side lying treatments in the initial postnatal period if you have had a caesarean, or have postnatal pelvic pain.

For all other treatments, you can return to comfortably lying face down/up with our supported table setup.  Here is how we set our table up:

postnatal massage table setup

You will be familiar with the ankle support, we add some extra support for you:

A pillow to support your abdomen to relieve strain and pressure from your birth, and assist to support your pelvis position.

Extra towels to support your breasts and avoids causing congestion in your milk ducts.


We are passionate about helping our mums-to-be and new mums though the motherhood journey.  It is important to us that we ease your concerns about your postnatal massage, incorporate the right techniques to alleviate any discomfort you may be experiencing, and ensure you receive the best treatment we can provide.  Knowing when you can receive a massage, and how we can support you has hopefully eased your concerns and allow you to enjoy the benefits of a postnatal treatment.

We look forward to seeing you soon. 💙