Do you dream of a peaceful night's sleep? Where you awake refreshed and alert and ready for your day? Or how about helping your children settle easier in the evening?

If you’re like us, there are times when gorgeous glorious slumber seems to evade you. Have the events of the day or what is on the agenda for tomorrow, sometimes kept you tossing and turning when you longed for sleep? Or do you wake too early and can't get back to sleep when the rest of the house is in the land of nod?

Before reaching for artificial sleep fixes that may cause side effects, try the natural relaxation effects of reflexology! These easy to implement techniques will assist you to gently float into restful sleep.

By incorporating these simple reflex points into your bedtime routine,your whole body will benefit. The organs and glands associated with sleep will be gently stimulated to assist in producing the much needed hormones for sleep. And with over 15000 nerves in your feet alone, the treatment will be soothing and calming for you and your loved ones you can share this with.

These techniques are also perfect to be used throughout the day to help calm the nervous system and regulate emotions. If your child is upset, try these gentle points to assist in bringing her back to a point of calm.

  • Gentle presses over the diaphragm area 30 seconds

reflex sleep photo 3 Chest_lungs (ball of foot) calms breathing.png
  • Squeezing, rolling the toes (think gentle , not ticklish “this little piggy”)

reflex sleep photo 2 Head_brain.png
  • Foot holding, just the comfort of holding the feet and “being with” the child.

  • Gentle circles like “round and round the garden” on the palm of the hand.

On your way to the land of Nod.

Here is a 15-minute routine in that you can incorporate into your bedtime ritual, or use when needed to regulate emotions.

  • Best directly after bath or shower however anytime is fine.  Relax the feet, then one at a time: press and squeeze the foot, like gently kneading play dough, a gentle shake and rotations of the ankle are also lovely. Finish by pressing and holding your thumb on the solar plexus point of each foot for 5-10 seconds each. Do this 3 times whilst taking deep breaths

  • Then on the bottom of each foot, “walk” your thumb up from the base of the heel to each toe, then press these reflex points with the outer edge of your thumb or tip of your forefinger:

  • Head/brain (top of each toe) promotes relaxation and positive thinking.

  • Pituitary or “master gland” (center of big toe) stimulates/balances hormones

  • Pineal gland (outer side of big toe) secretes melatonin which controls our rhythm/sleep cycle.

  • Thyroid (base of big toe) balances metabolism.

  • Neck/shoulders (ridge of toes) releases tension

  • Chest/lungs (ball of foot) calms breathing.

  • Solar plexus/diaphragm (under ball of foot in the center) Calms the mind and relaxes the body.

  • Finish with another thumb press 3 times on the solar plexus point on both feet with some soothing deep breaths.

reflex for sleep photo 1.png

Incorporating your bedtime ritual can include a relaxing exchange of reflexology with your partner.  You can even use these same techniques to help your child go to sleep more easily. Sweet dreams!

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