We had several ladies contact us for reflexology to prepare for labour.

This is a wonderful treatment that we provide to support expecting Mums during what can be a tense time both physically and emotionally. So what is reflexology and how can it assist you in preparing for labour?

What is reflexology?

This ancient healing art is based on the principle that certain areas on the soles of your feet/ hands – known as reflex zones – containing millions of nerve endings, correspond to other parts of the body. Reflexology stimulates the zones of the body into healing itself by improving circulation, reducing stress, pain and restoring natural balance.

What to expect

On your initial consultation, your reflexologist will ask you about your medical history, health issues and lifestyle. The initial treatment will take 75 minutes where all the zones of the body are assessed, and follow up treatments are for 60 mins. Reflexologists work on combing different systems/zones of the body to treat certain health issues, in particular common pregnancy related discomforts like heartburn, nausea, sciatica and back pain. Reflexology may assist with increasing metabolism, increasing circulation, stimulating the lymphatic system and alleviating stress for general wellbeing. Reflexology is profoundly relaxing and leaves the body and mind calm and balanced.

Busy day planned but want a treatment?

One of the best things about reflexology is that there is

no need to undress &no oils are used,

you are able to continue on your day after a relaxing time out.

Reflexology during pregnancy and preparing for Labour

Whilst we recommend regular treatments during pregnancy, a treatment after 38 weeks (with approval of your care provider) can incorporate specific reflexology points that can help prepare your body for labour.

By activating certain acupressure points on and around the feet our intention is to balance hormones, regulate the digestive system, strengthen muscles, increase circulation and boost the immune system... all very important during pregnancy and labour preparation.

Take home reflexology

Who doesn’t love a good foot massage from your partner during pregnancy?

Ask them to include the following point after 38 weeks, and during your labour to assist your body prepare for labour and help maintain a relaxed state during labour:


K1 - use any time during your pregnancy

The K1 point is used during pregnancy and labour to help relieve stress and nausea as well as calm and assist in regulating the nervous system. This acupressure point is located in the middle of the sole of the foot, just below the ball, also known as the diaphragm area. Massage this point at any stage of pregnancy.



use only in preparation for labour and during labour

If you are planning to use acupressure to support and stimulate labour then stimulating the Hoku point will help.

This point is not to be used until after 38 weeks.

It is located in the skin/webbing between the index finger and thumb. It will feel tender and you will know the spot when you find it! Gently massage on and off for a few minutes at a time. It can also help to relieve sinus/headache and tiredness.



This acupressure point is used to help the baby descend into the pelvis and stimulate labour naturally. The BL60 is located between the Achilles tendon and the bone on the outside of your foot.

Ask you partner to gently apply pressure with their thumb, do this for 1-2 minutes at regular intervals. Only after 38 weeks..

What can be more relaxing then putting your feet up on a luxurious massage bed with warm towels, essential oils and time out for you and your baby.

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