Having a great team of people supporting women through pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postnatally is extremely important.  Finding a physiotherapist who really understands women's health needs, and provides outstanding service can be difficult.

I have done the hard work for you, and have a fantastic women's health physiotherapist just for you.  Let me introduce to you Kristen Ruhmann, from Brisbane Women’s Physiotherapy, located at Kindred Midwifery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology ....


The first 10 years of my career was a mixture of travelling and working overseas followed by working in private practice in Sydney and Brisbane. After the birth of my first child in 2003, I suddenly knew the area of speciality that I wanted to pursue. I commenced work at the Mater Mothers Hospital, South Brisbane in the field of Women’s Health. I continue to work part-time at the Mater as a senior physiotherapist where my role has included the education and treatment of antenatal and postnatal women, private clinic physiotherapy and antenatal and postnatal exercise classes.

Following this, I was fortunate to be offered the chance to develop and manage the physiotherapy service at a Brisbane Obstetric centre. I remained in this role for nine years until early 2017. Here I further developed my interest and skills in pelvic floor physiotherapy, musculoskeletal treatment in antenatal and postnatal populations. For the last two years, I also worked in a private clinic which specialised in pelvic floor physiotherapy.

I opened my own practice ‘Brisbane Women’s Physiotherapy’ in February 2017 and now work collaboratively with obstetricians, gynaecologists and other health professionals. This has been a great learning curve and also very satisfying and fun. I work in rooms at Kindred, South Brisbane.

At Brisbane Women’s Physiotherapy, each treatment is individualised and the appointment includes history taking, physical examination and goal-directed treatment techniques. I also focus a lot on education so that patients have strategies to self-manage their condition and maintain their recovery.

The main conditions I treat are pregnancy related spinal and pelvic girdle pain and postnatal core rehabilitation programs. I also regularly treat pelvic floor conditions including incontinence, prolapse, bowel dysfunction and pain disorders. Other areas I offer include general musculoskeletal conditions in women, baby massage classes and soon I plan to launch our Pregnancy Pilates classes.

My tips for pregnant women are: remain active, maintain good posture and move regularly throughout the day, develop pelvic floor awareness (this may be strengthening or relaxation), support your core when changing position or lifting, spread your tasks throughout the week, take time for yourself!

See more on these topics at www.briswomensphysio.com.au

‘Staying active in Pregnancy’

‘Safely returning to activity after having your baby’

Kristen Ruhmann
Brisbane Women’s Physiotherapy