Pregnancy massage aligned with your pregnancy health checks


Have you thought about the benefits of aligning your other pregnancy health checks and treatments with massage?

Your body is undergoing continual changes during your pregnancy.  As your body adapts to your growing baby there may be new conditions, symptoms, aches or pains that change daily, weekly or monthly.

As massage therapists we rely on the latest information from your health care provider, whether it is a midwife, GP care or obstetrician, to ensure you receive the correct massage treatment.  We modify our techniques, and guide you on your best treatment options based on what is happening to your body at the time.  Knowing what changes are occurring, and your latest medical information ensures you receive the safest and correct massage treatment for you and your baby.


Pregnancy Health Care "ME" day

It is hard work growing a baby, make sure you take time for you to rest and recoup from all your hard work.  

We like to call them your Pregnancy Health Care 'ME' day.  Take some time out of the life's busyness and make a special day for you.  See your medical professional, come for a massage, followed by a rest or relaxing cuppa, or lunch/dinner.  

BUT we do understand the difficulty of juggling life and work commitments.  It may not always be possible for you to align all your appointments in one day.  That's perfectly ok, there is no need to create more stress if you are finding it difficult.  As best you can book your massage within a day or so after your pregnancy health check so we can make sure our treatments are relevant for you.


How does massage work with Osteopath, Physiotherapy or Chiropractor?

It is well documented how effective massage is for relieving soft-tissue tightness and congestion.  We see a number of our pregnant mums experience relief after a massage from the tightness related to the postural changes occurring within your body.  

However, massage cannot correct everything.  With the postural changes occurring as your body adapts to your growing baby you may need to see someone who specialises in correcting the structural and soft-tissue alignment of your body.  This may be a physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor.

Having a massage immediately BEFORE your specialised treatment means we have reduced the soft-tissue, or muscle, tension so the therapist does not have to spend a great deal of time loosening this off before they start.  The end result being you have a better treatment for your condition, longer lasting effects, and a faster recovery for you.


Who do we recommend?

We monitor our clients, and if you are presenting with symptoms we think require more tailored treatment from a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath we will tell you.

We will only refer you to a therapist we would see ourselves during pregnancy.  We have a number of referral options on our useful links page, and are more than happy to chat to you if your need further guidance.


Pregnancy is a time to enjoy, and help your hard working body.  There is so much that can be done to help your body adjust during this time.  Contact us if you would like to discuss what treatment is best for you.  We are here to make sure your pregnancy journey is the best it can be.