Welcoming your baby into the world is an amazing journey,
filled with feelings and emotions that sometimes there are not enough words that explain.  
Every couple should feel nurtured, safe, secure and confident through your journey to parenthood.


Pre-labour feelings

A lot of women feel nervous about their first, and in most cases subsequent labours.  What will it be like?  What options do I have?  How will I know what to do?  

For some it can feel exciting, for others it may feel terrifying.  

The only sure thing that is going to happen when you find out your pregnant is that you will meet your bundle of joy, via a vaginal or caesarean birth, about 36 weeks after you find out you are pregnant.

What is uncertain for a lot of women is how that process will happen.  Your partner might equally be excited, worried, stressed, scared and other emotions.

Labour support training

Our NurtureLife® labour support - partner training sessions are tailored specifically for both you and your parter.  Our aim is to reduce fears, anxiety and instil a confidence for you both.  

When you feel prepared and confident about your labour your body will be in the best position to produce the right hormones for the labour to progress, engage a sense of connection and openess, and feel safe and secure.

More often than not at the start of the sessions there is a common feeling of nervousness about the 'unknown' of labour.  By the end of the session a lot of women mention they feel more confident about their labour, and their birth partners comment they feel more confident about helping you through your labour.  

During one session recently, for a second birth, the birthing partner said during the first labour he felt 'lost' and didn't know how to help.  By the end of the labour support training he felt confident and empowered to know how to help his wife during labour.

What do we focus on?

We create a relaxed environment, whilst learning relaxation, breathing, gentle holds, touch and techniques to guide you through labour to maintain the mind-body-birth-baby connection.  We focus on specific holds and active movement for 'contraction distraction' to ease the contraction wave, and assist in reducing back and pelvic pain. 

Giving birth to your baby is an intimate and natural process, and one that brings you and your partner closer together.  So in the training session we get close, I am hands on with you and your partner helping you through a variety of positions that are comfortable for you.  I am hands on teaching your partner a variety of techniques that may assist to relieve labour pains, to help keep you focussed, grounded and most importantly nurtured, calm and confident during your labour.

What will you learn?

You will learn

  • about the labour - we discuss the labour stages and what techniques you learn are appropriate for the different stages.   We discuss the stages of labour, what you may want to consider getting ready for your labour, and what your partner needs to be aware of during your labour.
  • we teach you relaxation and breathing techniques to help ground you, relax you and keep you feeling centred during labour.
  • positions you will find comfortable to labour.
  • massage: your partner will learn the basics of massage for the common areas of discomfort during labour.  If you are an existing massage client, we tailor this specific for what we have focussed our massage sessions on.  Please bear in mind these sessions cover the very basics of massage, and are not designed to replace the advice of a fully trained remedial massage therapist or physiotherapist.
  • you both learn techniques and tips to assist you through each contraction, through hand position, counter pressure to particular areas, massage and active movements.
  • acupressure points to help you during your labour.

So how do we tailor our sessions for you?

We tailor each session for you and your partner.  We come to your home so we can teach you in a relaxed environment in the comfort of your own home, most likely where you will be going through the pre-birthing labour stage.

We help you create your own 'birth nest'.  A woman needs to feel safe and secure during labour, so we help you create that place where you know you can feel confident and nurtured during your labour.  We show you how you can move around your own home, and ride the wave of contractions with your partner providing nurturing touch, strength and support.

How long will a session take?

Typically the session is 90 minutes.  However, this is not a set time frame.  We find there are a lot of questions are asked during our sessions, and our goal is to help you both feel empowered, confident and best prepared for you labour.  

If we need to spend a few minutes longer to ensure you are best prepared, there is no extra charge for this extra time.

What do I wear?

We get close, and move around a lot.  It is best to wear loose comfortable clothing.

When is an ideal stage of pregnancy to book the labour support training?

Any time during your pregnancy is ideal, whenever it suits you.  

Some women feel more comfortable completing a session early in their pregnancy and may ask for a refresher session closer to their due date.  As we massage you during your pregnancy we can answer any questions you may have as they arise.  Other women prefer to book a session closer to their due date.

How do the techniques work with the medical professionals?

All the NurtureLife® techniques are designed to be used in conjunction with guidance by a medical professional.  As mentioned we focus on relaxation, breathing, nurturing touch through massage and gentle holds, active movement and 'contract distract'.  We show you how these techniques can be adapted to any environment, from the stage you are at home through to when you are in hospital or your birthing environment of choice.  

Our approach to Labour is to instil you with confidence and reduce your fears.  Your birthing choice is yours and should be discussed with your partner and your medical professional.  Our techniques can be adapted to whichever choice you decide is best for you both.