Hopefully all your questions are answered below.  Please contact us to discuss any other questions you have.

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Why does Merakai Therapies appointments go a little longer?

Helping you, our client, is our main priority.  You will always receive a massage for your full allocated treatment time, often times you receive a little more massage time for free.  We leave adequate time to discuss and reassess where your body is at before we start each massage. 

We recommend you book your calendar out for an extra 30min after each treatment so you have adequate time with us, and giving yourself a few minutes to enjoy your post massage time and recharge before heading to your next planned event.

What if I am running late for my appointment?

Sometimes we get thrown a curve ball and we are running late.  Please don’t rush to your appointment.  Call us and let us know your running late, and depending on our next booking we may still be able to accommodate your full treatment time.  But please understand we have peak times of massage, we may have someone booked after you and it may not be possible.  

We do allocate enough time between clients for consult and your full treatment time, so a few minutes late will not impact your treatment.  We will always discuss and reassess your conditions prior to a massage as your health is our top priority.

Do you have HICAPS and health fund rebates?

We have HICAPS, emailed health fund rebates and EFTPOS available. 

JODIE is a provider for all health funds. 

ANGIE is a provider for all health funds except Medibank Private, NIB, AHM, HCF and ARHG. An invoice will be emailed to you for claiming with your health fund. Please contact us if you would like to book in with Angie but concerned about health fund rebates.

GENEVIEVE: Is in the process of changing her UK Diploma to an Australian Diploma code, and re-completing her second Diploma to offer Health fund rebates mid-1019. Please contact us to discuss collecting our discount card to receive $15 of the next 5 treatments until Gen has her health fund provider number.

I am a little sick, should I reschedule?

When you are sick your body is working overtime to fight the infection.  We recommend you reschedule your appointment until you are feeling better, as a massage may increase the symptoms.  Rest is the best option when your feeling sick.  

Do I need medical clearance for a massage?

There are some medical conditions that will require medical clearance prior to your massage.  If you are seeing a medical professional for your condition, please discuss whether they approve of massage.  In some cases, written consent may be required.

There are certain symptoms that may contraindicate your massage.  If you are feeling any symptoms you are unsure about, please contact us prior to your massage so we can advise you of the best course to take.

Do you offer a mobile service?

Merakai Therapies do not offer a mobile massage service.

What is the cancellation policy?

Remedial Clients:

  • If you can't make your appointment, we require 24 hours’ notice so we can fill your spot and help other clients.

  • Any appointments cancelled/changed within 24 hours will incur 30% charge of the appointment fee.

  • Any appointments cancelled/changed within 4 hours will incur a 60% charge of the appointment fee.

  • Any missed appointments will be charged the full appointment fee.

Pregnant clients:

We understand your body is changing daily, and the health of you and your baby is utmost importance.

We have no cancellation fee for emergencies, or if you develop a condition within 24 hours of your appointment that requires us to have written medical approval to continue your treatment. 

The standard cancellation policy applies in all other instances.

Can I bring my child with me?

Whilst we love newborn babies, we are also a multi-dsicipliary clinic and need to be mindful of other practitioners and their clients.  

Please find a suitable time for your massage where you can enjoy the treatment and the full benefits whilst someone cares for your little one at your home or suitable environment where they can rest.

You will receive the most benefits from your massage in a space that allows you to relax fully, and allows us to focus on your needs.

Will I feel sore after a treatment?

We prefer to treat you so you are not sore, but some treatment types and your response to those may cause some post massage soreness.  48-hours is an acceptable to have some general muscle soreness. 

We recommend the use of heat, and for most people an Epsom salt bath is safe.  This will help your recovery and ensure you reduce any likelihood of muscle soreness. 


What do I wear?

Loose comfortable clothing is best for your massage.  We will always give you privacy to undress for your massage.  You will always keep underwear on during your treatment.  Ladies, if you do not feel comfortable taking your bra off, we can accommodate this for you.

Is pregnancy massage safe?

Pregnancy massage is very safe.  At Merakai Therapies we have undertaken specialised pregnancy massage training through Pregnancy Massage Australia, the leader in the industry. 

All our appointments include consultation time to discuss how your pregnancy is going, if you have any doubts about your symptoms please call or email us before you book in so we can do a pre-assessment before your treatment.  Your pregnancy changes week-by-week and it is important we discuss any changes before each appointment.

There may be certain conditions we request approval from your maternal health care specialist, and will advise you of this at the time of booking.  We will also, where necessary, be in contact with your health care provider to ensure we are all working together to make your pregnancy as enjoyable as possible.

Please contact us before your treatment if you have of the following, we may ask for medical clearance prior to the massage:

  • High level of morning sickness

  • Diabetes

  • Heart disease

  • Hypertension (chronic & gestational)

  • Pre-eclempsia

  • Risk or a history of miscarriages

  • Cervical conditions

  • Bleeding

  • Placenta Previa or abnormalities

  • Blood clotting disorders

  • History of pregnancy complications

  • Foetal abnormalities

  • Multiple births

  • Asthma

  • Kidney conditions

  • Liver conditions

I’m pregnant, when can I start receiving massages?

You can receive pregnancy massages throughout your entire pregnancy, this includes trimester one.  As soon as you find out your pregnant you can still enjoy your massages.  As already mentioned, we always have a pre-treatment consultation to ensure your needs are met during each treatment.

How do you massage during the first trimester?

We tailor each massage to your needs.  Trimester one can be a time of great change to a woman’s body adapting to be being pregnant and the hormonal changes.  This can come with period of sickness, fatigue and to some extent anxiety.  Our first trimester massages follow Pregnancy Massage Australia guidelines, and we aim to encourage your body to relax during this stage of your pregnancy. 

You may be face down/up on the massage table, or side-lying it will just depend on how your body is feeling at the treatment time, and we can adapt our table and massage style to suit your needs.

We ask you to please contact us if you have any pain, bleeding, high levels of nausea or a history of miscarriages.  We will advise of the best course to take prior to receiving your treatment.

How do I lie for a pregnant massage?

During your first trimester, it will depend on how you are feeling and how your body is adapting to the changes.  Generally, woman feel comfortable lying face down/up.  However, if need be we support this position with additional pillows/towels, or we can massage you very comfortably in the side-lying position.

You will transition to a side-lying position as your pregnancy progresses, which is a very comfortable position.   We use a number of items to encourage good body alignment in this position.  There are a number of wonderful techniques we can apply during a side-lying massage treatment that are very effective to reduce the common ache areas of hips, lower back and shoulders.

Should I align my massage appointments with my pregnancy health checks?

Yes, we highly recommend we aligning your massages with your pregnancy check-ups.  Your body is changing weekly, and completing the pre-massage assessment is very important to ensuring we tailor a massage to meet your needs.  Ideally we like to align our massages to coincide the same day, or within 24-hours of your check-up with your pregnancy medical specialist. 

What is postnatal massage?

Your postnatal massage is the period of time after your delivery where your body is transitioning back to a pre-pregnancy state, usually up to 3 months although breastfeeding may extend this time.

You will most likely experience different discomforts to your pregnancy with the positions of feeding, carrying and the healing your body is undertaking.  This is increased if you have other children to care for.  Our postnatal treatments take your body changes into account will accommodate any discomforts from feeding or post-delivery, assisting to reduce your aches and pains, and reconnect your body.

How soon after birth can I have a treatment?

Depending on your delivery you can have a massage within 24 hours after delivery your newborn.  It allows you time to relax and reconnect with your body whilst it is recovering.  Please contact us to discuss your delivery and when the optimum time for your next massage is.

Your labour medical specialist has the full history of your delivery, and there may be signs you are not aware of that will impact whether massage is appropriate.  We will always ask you to check with your postnatal medical specialist to ensure they are aware you will be receiving treatment.

When medical intervention has occurred for your delivery, we may ask for written medical clearance prior to treating you.

Why it’s important to have a massage from a pregnancy massage specialist?

A fully trained pregnancy massage therapist has undertaken further training after they have finished their initial qualifications that specialise in pregnancy.  We have trained under Pregnancy Massage Australia, the leader in pregnancy massage.