At Merakai Therapies, we are passionate about supporting events and causes dear to our hearts.

We have some invaluable charities we are currently supporting, thank you for supporting us to support each of these charities.

We are currently supporting the following charities

Read more about these wonderful charities below ……


Noosa triathlon 2019

$2 from every massage will be donated towards this event

On 3rd November 2019 our Director and Founder, Jodie Isles will be taking on her first triathlon raising money for Child’s Play QLD.

Child’s Play Qld is a not for profit children’s psychology practice, located in Morningside, Brisbane. Child’s Play provides professional psychological services to children and young people experiencing a range of psychological issues.

Child’s Play will endeavour to provide counselling services across the lifespan of the child’s early development, to ensure that they are fully supported throughout their journey.

Our psychologists are highly trained and experienced therapists, who have a genuine interest in children, and are fully equipped to support them throughout the counselling process.



oxfam trailwalker - 55km walk 2019

Angie is training hard with her team for the Oxfam 55km walk on 22nd June. $2 from every massage will be donated towards this event Being able to contribute and make a difference just by walking, is the most wonderful feeling. This walk will:

  1. Provide essential maternal health care and clean conditions for women to birth and recover. Provide birth survival kits to help with pre and post natal care. (1500 women die daily due to preventable complications)

  2. Raise awareness that millions of people do not have clean water to drink. Women walk an average 6kms a day to collect just 20L of water for their families. We flush that down the toilet in 2 flushes!

  3. A personally physical and mental challenge. To feel my body at work, be grateful for it and look after it!

  4. Feel gratitude for all we have! Plentiful CLEAN water, a healthy family and home, and a wonderful community.



Merakai Therapies are donating for their 2019 luncheon and attending.

The wonderful team at Precious wings work on a voluntary basis with the aim to provide love, hope, understanding and support to families facing the devastating loss of their child.

To ensure all families who have lost a child have a feeling of ‘not being alone’ when leaving hospital with empty arms, and that they receive the support they need to navigate this difficult grief journey.

Provide Queensland hospitals with memory boxes to give to families whose babies or children pass away from any cause from 16 weeks gestation up to 18 years of age,

  • Provide miscarriage bags to Queensland hospitals for losses from 5 – 16 weeks gestation,

  • Enable bereaved parents to create their own boxes in memory of their own child to supply their local hospitals, an immensely healing process and means each box is made with love and understanding. We are able to provide support, advice and if required contents for the boxes to enable the families to achieve this,

  • Support 'beyond the box' by running monthly support groups combined with memory box making facilitated by a qualified counsellor,

  • Provide education to health professionals and other groups on caring for bereaved families and the use of memory boxes.