Want to feel more confident about your labour?

Want to learn how to support your wife/partner?

Want to learn more about Acupressure for Labour?

 Art of Acupuncture

This labour support workshop will equip you with lots of tips, tricks and information to assist you during your labour.  Bring your little one into our world confidently, with loving support.
This 2-hour workshop will cover:

  • Labour positions to assist in reducing your labour pain
  • Techniques you and your partner can use to ease the discomfort, keep you relaxed and focussed
  • Tips and advice for your labour
  • Acupressure points you can use to assist in naturally inducing your labour
  • Acupressure points you can use during your labour to ease the discomfort

Massage for labour is about working closely with you to find positions that can help be comfortable during labour, and teach you and your partner techniques that can be used to help reduce discomfort and maintain relaxation and focus during your labour.  

How many weeks pregnant should I be to attend?

This training is ideal for any stage of your pregnancy, it will help prepare you for labour, help to ease any anxiety you may feel about labour and help you feel more confident.

Women have attended as early as 20 weeks, right through to 38 weeks.  Attending before 35 weeks will help give you time to review the content, and familiarise yourself with the techniques prior to labour.

What to bring?

We will teach you positions that are found to be most comfortable during your labour, to make it as comfortable as possible and recreate what tools you have at home, we recommend bringing:

  • 2 small pillows 
  • 1 sheet (single bed is fine)
  • 2 towels
  • If you have a Fitball you can bring please let us know.  


Your investment $80 (per couple)
Sunday December 18th March
12.30pm to 2.30pm
Inna Bliss Yoga Studio Bulimba