We support women on the journey to pregnancy, throughout pregnancy,

preparing for labour, into motherhood and beyond.


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We are passionate and dedicated to providing continuity of massage care, education and training to support our clients and bridge the gap for women’s health and wellbeing on their journey to pregnancy, through pregnancy and labour, into motherhood and beyond.

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Our Vision:

To provide continuity of massage care to all our clients tailored to their individual needs and stage of their journey to pregnancy, during pregnancy and through motherhood. 

To bridge the gap for women’s health and wellbeing.

To provide the highest quality education and training to our clients, partners and the massage industry. 

To lead women through an outstanding journey to and through pregnancy, into motherhood and beyond with confidence, knowledge and support.


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Our Services

Body Massages

These traditional body massages therapies aim to relax, rebalance and restore your body.  We specialise in:

Pregnancy, Birth & Postnatal Massages

For mothers-to-be, these specialist massage therapies can help you adjust to the physical and emotional changes that occur throughout pregnancy, labour and postnatal period with more comfort and ease.

Our appointment times are scheduled to allow for a consultation time followed by your complete treatment time. Before we begin any massage, we always allow for a consultation so we can discuss your needs and tailor a massage treatment that is right for.


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